Name: Pg Noorhanani bte Pg Sabli

Enterprise: Onnie Restaurant & Catering

Name of Product: Nasi Katok Ayam BBQ Grill


Noorhanani binti pg sable is a single mother of 7 children, but as she is divorced with her husband, only 4 of her children is under her responsibility while the others come to visit every weekend at her current place in Salambigar. She used to work as a weaver as wll as an office worker, but she has to quit due to the lack of care of her children at home. Although she is unemployed, Puan Noorhanani still sells her food to convenience shops, Bolkiah, IBTE and Minyak Shell however, she is always uncertain about her income from selling which is why she decided to join Suhulah Asia and possibly increase her earnings. Moreover, before this she had to ride in other people’s car as she does not own her own like her sister. There was a time that she could not send her children to school for three weeks because of the lack of transport and the school had to make charges against them. Puan Noorhanani is grateful for a Hamba Allah that has helped her with the business model, so she uses that money to sell and her earnings again for the next day daily which has helped her to pay for car expenses, rents and food. Every day, she wakes up at 4 to prepare the food she sells, get her children ready for school and wraps some of the food for her children’s food in school. Puan Noorhanani has been selling for a long time but it was never serious, but with the current state of living she makes an effort to sell more every single day and is hopeful to sell at stalls the Stadium.