Name of merchant: Nurul Jannah Diyana binti Benny

Enterprise: Dyaana E Bnshop

Name of product: Lambchop + rice


Puan Jannah Diyana is 23 years old and currently studying in Politeknik Brunei. She is the

eldest of 9 siblings. In 2015, she decided to help her family especially her parents by selling

food because they were financially struggling. Apart from selling food, she also provided pre-

ordering services for her customers online. She followed her parents' footsteps in selling food

as they also have the same type of business. Another reason to why she wanted to do so is

because of her strong interest in knowing how a business works. The struggles that her family

has gone through became her motivation to do the business. She joined Suhulah due to

the benefits that Suhulah offers and that she was also suggested to join by her brother who

once did an internship at Rotuku.